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The Division 2 Specializations

I felt like the Division didn’t really offer much in terms of end game skills. It had a skill system but with very few options, and that didn’t really set players apart.

The Division 2’s new specializations feature though, looks brilliant.

Three new specialization trees are unlocked when players reach the maximum level, and these are Survivalist, Sharpshooter, and Demolitionist.

One thing I love about the specializations is that they are not locked, you can branch out into each of them, and level them up to try out different styles of playing. So if you find that the Sharpshooter class isn’t for you, then you can try out the Demolitionists grenade launcher. Progress with each specialization will be saved.

Each specialization brings it’s own skill, mods and signature weapon. Players will also get different pieces of tech and differing skills based on the specialization they choose.

It seems as though the developers have thought more about the end game content, and how each player can build in different, more unique ways, which is awesome.

The Division 2 will have some serious competition on it’s release, but so far with the footage and details released by Ubisoft, it looks like a very impressive game, and one which I’m definitely looking forward to.

What are your thoughts on The Division 2 and the specializations?


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