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    Can Your Choice of Difficulty in a Video Game Ruin The Experience?

    As I’ve noticed with the past few games I’ve played, I’ve chosen to play games through on the easiest difficulty setting, or at least for the first play through anyway. One question I’ve found myself asking though, is does your choice of difficulty in a video game ruin the experience? The last game I completed was Deus Ex Mankind Divided, and more recently I started playing God of War, both of which I chose to play through on the easiest setting, and with good reason. I prefer a good story. I like to appreciate the graphics, the characters, world building and all round effort put in my the developers, but…

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    Dying Light: Why Techland Are One of My Favourite Game Studios

    Right from the start, Dying Light was a solid game, quickly becoming one of my all time favourites. It’s a game I invested many hours in, and has been an awesome experience start to finish. Techland have had some big releases in the past, and proved they knew their way around a good zombie game when they developed and released Dead Island was is hugely popular, even now. Techland have proven they are not a greedy studio. Continuing to develop a lot of extra content for Dying Light, and even offering it to players for free. Having released their biggest paid DLC in The Following, the game enjoyed even more…