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    Old Video Game Magazines Now Prized Collectibles

    Retro video game collecting isn’t anything new, it’s just become way more popular over the past few years. Video games are now fetching crazy prices. The same video games that a few years ago many people donated to charity shops, or sold on for small amounts of cash, without foreseeing the growth in the retro video game market. It’s not just games that are collectible though, magazines are also fetching much higher prices, due to a rise in popularity among retro game collectors. They document changes in the industry, as well as releases of games which are now deemed to be classics. They are full of old concept artwork and…

  • Xbox One Special Edition Controller Sport Red
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    Xbox Wireless Controller – Sport Red Special Edition (Xbox One)

    For all you gamers out there who love video game controllers, or even collect them, this ones for you. The all new Xbox One wireless sport red controller comes out on March 14th. The controller is available now for pre-order in red, but can also be bought in white too. I have to say my personal favourite is red though, I think it looks awesome. Having said that, it’s not the best looking controller for consoles, or even Xbox One for that matter, but would look awesome in a collection or for when you’re playing with friends. The controller will retail for around £59.99, which is pretty standard considering other…

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    An Introduction To My New Video Game Blog

    Hey! I figured I’d write this post to explain why I started a blog, and a little bit about myself. I’ve been gaming as far back as I can remember. I’ve owned most consoles, and hundreds, if not thousands of games. My favourite consoles are currently the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. With their extensive libraries, some of those games have impacted me the most, and left a lasting impression on me, not to mention you can pick the games up for dirt cheap these days. I’m currently building a small, humble video game collection. I’m trying to build a collection of games which I truly love, or have always…