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Old Video Game Magazines Now Prized Collectibles

Retro video game collecting isn’t anything new, it’s just become way more popular over the past few years.

Video games are now fetching crazy prices. The same video games that a few years ago many people donated to charity shops, or sold on for small amounts of cash, without foreseeing the growth in the retro video game market.

It’s not just games that are collectible though, magazines are also fetching much higher prices, due to a rise in popularity among retro game collectors.

They document changes in the industry, as well as releases of games which are now deemed to be classics. They are full of old concept artwork and nostalgia, and serve as great gaming memoirs.

Though the age of digital publication is leading to the demise of some well known magazines, titles such as Game Informer, Edge, PC Gamer and Nintendo Power, are still well sought after. Anything documenting the earliest generation of gaming is highly desirable.

Some recent examples of magazine sales on eBay can be found below. These are 3 of the the most recent sales as of writing this post.

This isn’t to say every video game magazine you own from a few years ago is going to worth a decent amount of money, but you never know, you might have something highly collectible in your collection, so be sure to check out their value before you throw, or donate any.

Do you have a collection of video game magazines?


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