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Dying Light: Why Techland Are One of My Favourite Game Studios

Right from the start, Dying Light was a solid game, quickly becoming one of my all time favourites. It’s a game I invested many hours in, and has been an awesome experience start to finish.

Techland have had some big releases in the past, and proved they knew their way around a good zombie game when they developed and released Dead Island was is hugely popular, even now.

Techland have proven they are not a greedy studio. Continuing to develop a lot of extra content for Dying Light, and even offering it to players for free.

Dying Light sunset gameplay

Having released their biggest paid DLC in The Following, the game enjoyed even more success. But it didn’t stop there.

The Polish studio realized their game was still popular with over 500,000 players weekly, and rewarded the fans with more fresh content to increase replayability, and give players more to enjoy. They released this video on their Youtube page back in March 2018, announcing 10 DLC’s in 12 months. The Bozak Horde DLC was also well received which brought in a new, challenging game mode with great rewards.

They have been consistent with great games and content, and are a studio I actively follow for updates.

I would have liked a collector’s edition release throughout Europe though, as it was only released in Poland, and if you wanted to buy it after it’s initial release date it was exceptionally highly priced to have it imported from Poland. Having said that, it was a lot cheaper than the £250,000 My Apocalypse Edition that was being sold by GAME, which included your very own zombie shelter. That’s only a one off though, and an awesome PR stunt at that.

With Dying Light 2 shortly to follow, I’m really hoping it’s going to be a big hit, and brings more success to the studio. It’s definitely my most anticipated video game release of 2019.

Hopefully they continue to operate the way they have in the past, and don’t flood Dying Light 2 with micro transactions and paid content, which a lot of developers are doing these days.

Be interesting to hear another masterpiece from Pawel Blaszczak too.


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