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Can Your Choice of Difficulty in a Video Game Ruin The Experience?

As I’ve noticed with the past few games I’ve played, I’ve chosen to play games through on the easiest difficulty setting, or at least for the first play through anyway. One question I’ve found myself asking though, is does your choice of difficulty in a video game ruin the experience?

The last game I completed was Deus Ex Mankind Divided, and more recently I started playing God of War, both of which I chose to play through on the easiest setting, and with good reason.

I prefer a good story. I like to appreciate the graphics, the characters, world building and all round effort put in my the developers, but ultimately, the story is most important. If I like the game enough after completing the story missions though, I increase the difficulty and go for a second play through.

For me personally, I’d say the difficulty doesn’t ruin the experience. Sometimes part of the fun lies within the challenge of the difficulty, but it can become too much, lead to stressful playing and ultimately we stop playing the game altogether.

A few years ago, whenever I bought a game, I used to always select the normal, or recommended difficulty. I felt as though that was the way the developers wanted the game to be played, so it would provide the best experience, but I like to complete stories quicker, and the easiest difficulty is definitely the best way to accomplish that.

The only thing I miss out on mainly, is trophies and achievements, and in order to save time, I can absolutely sacrifice a few trophies. I am by no means a completionist, and there are very few games I would actually go back to, to try and grind them out.

Do you think the choice of difficulty in a video game ruins the experience? Does it all come down to how much you enjoy it?


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