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Anthem Number 1 in UK, but Sales Underwhelming

Anthem is a game I was anticipating for quite a while, but having watched some game play videos during the Beta, I wasn’t convinced it was worth all the hype. It didn’t excite me, and although I knew it would probably go straight to number 1, despite exciting competition from Metro: Exodus and Far Cry: New Dawn, sales have been worryingly underwhelming so far.

The game has it’s defects. Players are complaining about bugs, poor loot and repetitive mission structure, but it’s also important to highlight, these are the early days of the game, there’s still plenty of room for development.

The game obviously hasn’t gained the traction that was anticipated, but the developers have already said they are working on more loot and bug fixes, to try and solve initial problems. While this may be reassuring to those who have already bought the game, it should also go someway toward boosting sales.

It’s not a game I’d personally buy at launch price, and as the bugs and defects become clear, a lot more people seem to be holding off until the game is fixed, and in time sales will increase undoubtedly, but it has a long way to go to better Destiny’s initial sales, which Anthem’s sales figures are widely being compared to.

Despite Anthem’s sales looking troublesome, the figures released state that only 40,000 physical copies have been sold in the UK so far, but this doesn’t include digital sales, as figures for digital downloads have yet to be released.

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