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An Introduction To My New Video Game Blog


I figured I’d write this post to explain why I started a blog, and a little bit about myself.

I’ve been gaming as far back as I can remember. I’ve owned most consoles, and hundreds, if not thousands of games.

My favourite consoles are currently the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. With their extensive libraries, some of those games have impacted me the most, and left a lasting impression on me, not to mention you can pick the games up for dirt cheap these days.

I’m currently building a small, humble video game collection. I’m trying to build a collection of games which I truly love, or have always wanted to play. I’m aiming for quality, over quantity. I’m also trying to find the games I had growing up to relive some of my earliest gaming memories.

I started this blog to hopefully connect with like-minded people. People who enjoy the hobby as much as me. I don’t know many people who enjoy it like I do in person, so I figured this would be a great outlet to join a growing community of gamers and talk about something I’m passionate about.

I play current releases, as well as retro games. I’m always playing something or reading gaming related material.

I’m new to blogging, I don’t class myself as a very good writer but in doing this I’m doing something creative, even if it’s just to vent my thoughts and opinions.

Thanks for reading!

I’m on Twitter @ ChrisUKPS


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