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5 Games I’m Prioritizing In My Video Game Backlog

I’ve been holding off on my backlog of video games now for months. Playing new releases which I’ve just kept on buying, but I’m now having a month of no new purchases, and I’m playing some of the games which have been stuck on my shelf gathering dust.

I’ve got quite a few to choose from, and I’ve had to think carefully about which ones I want to prioritize. One day I’d like to get through them all, but for now I’ll settle for these 5, it’s a start at least.

The five video games I’ve chosen are all for the PS3. Batman Arkham City, Assassin’s Creed III, Lost Planet 2, Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4.

Both Battlefield games shouldn’t take me long, I’ve been itching to play a first person shooter as I haven’t played one in a while, and I used to enjoy the Battlefield games. I don’t really play competitive game modes anymore, I only play co-op and single player, so I’ll only be playing through the campaigns.

I actually played Assassins Creed III shortly after it’s release, but never completed it. I got through about a quarter of the story and then started playing something else, and never went back to it. Hopefully this time I can get it ticked off my backlog.

Batman Arkham Asylum was a great game, so Arkham City should be awesome too if it’s anything like the first. Not played a lot of the more recent Batman games so this one will be a good change.

I played the Lost Planet 2 demo many years ago just before it’s release, and it seemed like a decent game, but never got round to playing it. In fact, I had completely forgotten about it’s existence until I saw it for just a couple of pounds on eBay. Had to buy it at that price, I’ll definitely give it a go.

What’s on your backlog?


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