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    Old Video Game Magazines Now Prized Collectibles

    Retro video game collecting isn’t anything new, it’s just become way more popular over the past few years. Video games are now fetching crazy prices. The same video games that a few years ago many people donated to charity shops, or sold on for small amounts of cash, without foreseeing the growth in the retro video game market. It’s not just games that are collectible though, magazines are also fetching much higher prices, due to a rise in popularity among retro game collectors. They document changes in the industry, as well as releases of games which are now deemed to be classics. They are full of old concept artwork and…

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    6 Upcoming Indie Games I’m Excited For In 2019

    There’s some awesome games coming out this year, but aside from AAA titles there’s some awesome looking Indie games coming out too! I’m instantly attracted to the games in this list, purely down to their art style. They look absolutely beautiful. Some of the developing studios have released some great Indie games in the past too, like Pathless which is developed by Giant Squid Games, who previously released Abzu. Sea of Solitude Among Trees Afterparty

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    Anthem Number 1 in UK, but Sales Underwhelming

    Anthem is a game I was anticipating for quite a while, but having watched some game play videos during the Beta, I wasn’t convinced it was worth all the hype. It didn’t excite me, and although I knew it would probably go straight to number 1, despite exciting competition from Metro: Exodus and Far Cry: New Dawn, sales have been worryingly underwhelming so far. The game has it’s defects. Players are complaining about bugs, poor loot and repetitive mission structure, but it’s also important to highlight, these are the early days of the game, there’s still plenty of room for development. The game obviously hasn’t gained the traction that was…

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    How Digital Game Downloads Have Changed The Industry

    Steam highlighted a gap in the market for digital video game downloads, and launched it’s store front in September 2003. Originally though, Steam only supported their own games, but after a few years, the now dominant store front began selling games digitally on behalf of other developers. This revolutionary platform sparked some debates however, as to how much the developers and studios should pay in commission, in order to use the platform. As a result, the industry standard commission that developers pay digital store fronts currently, is in the region of 30%. Other companies recognized the potential to make large amounts of money from the new digital revolution, and with…

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    The Division 2 Specializations

    I felt like the Division didn’t really offer much in terms of end game skills. It had a skill system but with very few options, and that didn’t really set players apart. The Division 2’s new specializations feature though, looks brilliant. Three new specialization trees are unlocked when players reach the maximum level, and these are Survivalist, Sharpshooter, and Demolitionist. One thing I love about the specializations is that they are not locked, you can branch out into each of them, and level them up to try out different styles of playing. So if you find that the Sharpshooter class isn’t for you, then you can try out the Demolitionists…

  • Xbox One Special Edition Controller Sport Red
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    Xbox Wireless Controller – Sport Red Special Edition (Xbox One)

    For all you gamers out there who love video game controllers, or even collect them, this ones for you. The all new Xbox One wireless sport red controller comes out on March 14th. The controller is available now for pre-order in red, but can also be bought in white too. I have to say my personal favourite is red though, I think it looks awesome. Having said that, it’s not the best looking controller for consoles, or even Xbox One for that matter, but would look awesome in a collection or for when you’re playing with friends. The controller will retail for around £59.99, which is pretty standard considering other…

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    Can Your Choice of Difficulty in a Video Game Ruin The Experience?

    As I’ve noticed with the past few games I’ve played, I’ve chosen to play games through on the easiest difficulty setting, or at least for the first play through anyway. One question I’ve found myself asking though, is does your choice of difficulty in a video game ruin the experience? The last game I completed was Deus Ex Mankind Divided, and more recently I started playing God of War, both of which I chose to play through on the easiest setting, and with good reason. I prefer a good story. I like to appreciate the graphics, the characters, world building and all round effort put in my the developers, but…

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    Dying Light: Why Techland Are One of My Favourite Game Studios

    Right from the start, Dying Light was a solid game, quickly becoming one of my all time favourites. It’s a game I invested many hours in, and has been an awesome experience start to finish. Techland have had some big releases in the past, and proved they knew their way around a good zombie game when they developed and released Dead Island was is hugely popular, even now. Techland have proven they are not a greedy studio. Continuing to develop a lot of extra content for Dying Light, and even offering it to players for free. Having released their biggest paid DLC in The Following, the game enjoyed even more…

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    5 Games I’m Prioritizing In My Video Game Backlog

    I’ve been holding off on my backlog of video games now for months. Playing new releases which I’ve just kept on buying, but I’m now having a month of no new purchases, and I’m playing some of the games which have been stuck on my shelf gathering dust. I’ve got quite a few to choose from, and I’ve had to think carefully about which ones I want to prioritize. One day I’d like to get through them all, but for now I’ll settle for these 5, it’s a start at least. The five video games I’ve chosen are all for the PS3. Batman Arkham City, Assassin’s Creed III, Lost Planet…

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    One Of My Favourite Games: Deus Ex Human Revolution

    Deus Ex Human Revolution is one of my favorite games of all time. In fact, I’ve recently decided to take up a fresh play through. I’ve been wanting to play it again for a long time, it’s a game I never tired of. Deus Ex Human Revolution is a game that left an awesome impression right from the announcement trailer to the games release. The trailer is still right up there as one of the best I’ve seen, with the soundtrack, ambience and concept of the game all setting the stage for a great release. Although people were jumping on the hype train, it was difficult to see how the…